CV AROMA SUKSES is the producer of premium Sumenep Fried Shallots in Cirebon. Established in 2017 with the belief that every household needs fried shallots and garlic in almost every dish. The best quality red shallots for making premium fried shallots are Sumenep Shallots found in the surrounding areas of Cirebon, West Java, not the Brebes shallots commonly used in kitchens. For garlic, we use Kating garlic known for its superior quality, fragrance, and higher cost compared to ordinary garlic.

The pleasure of food is sometimes influenced by something considered small, but when that small thing is absent, it feels like there’s a kind of loss, incomplete, imperfect. That small thing is Fried Shallots. Fried Shallots are highly needed in various dishes throughout almost every region in Indonesia. They can be eaten directly or used as a complement to dishes such as porridge, rice, noodles, soup, meatball soup, Hainanese chicken, etc.


Product overview

Wuenak Fried Shallots 80gr

Wuenak Fried Shallots 150gr

Wuenak Fried Shallots 350gr