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Sony Trading supports the Indonesian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) in Food and Beverage industries and actively takes part in developing and collaborating with UMKM entrepreneurs to produce Sony own brand products and integrate with UMKM hand in hand with a partnership to go global. Sony Trading products are made from original Indonesian ingredients and processed under strict quality and hygiene standards.

Product overview

Sale Panjang (Fried Dried Banana)

Sumpia Mini (Mini Shrimp Roll)

Keripik Singkong (Cassava Chips)

Kacang Medan (Coated Peanut)

Peyek Kacang (Peanut Crackers)

Peyek Teri (Anchovy Crackers)

Singkong Balado (Spicy Cassava Chips)

Keripik Tempe (Tempeh Chips)

Keripik Tempe Daun Jeruk (Tempe Chips with Lime Leaves)

Emping Daun Jeruk (Bitter Nut with Lime Leaves)

Kerupuk Ikan (Fish Crackers)

Lanting Bawang (Cassava Ring Crackers)


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