PT Sasa Inti is a leading food and seasoning company in Indonesia. We started by producing Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in 1968, based on our motto “Sasa Melezatkan” (Sasa enriches the flavor), we have since ventured into other products such as Seasoning Flour, Coconut Cream, Complete Seasoning Mix, Soup Stock and a range of Condiment. We commit to keep our consumers happy through delicious, healthy, and good quality foods.

Product overview

Tepung Bumbu

Tepung Bumbu Serbaguna Original

Tepung Bumbu Serbaguna Hot and Spicy

Tepung Bumbu Pisang Goreng Vanilla

Tepung Bumbu Bakwan Special

Tepung Bumbu Ala Kentucky

Tepung Bakso Goreng


Sasa Coconut Cream 


Sasa MSG 1 Kg