Munik Seasoning is a premier brand specialising in the authentic taste of the Indonesian archipelago. Munik products are easy to prepare and delicious. Its premium taste is achieved through meticulous selection of herbs and ingredients. The spices are processed hygienically and packed in airtight packaging to preserve their flavour and aroma. 

Product overview

Munik Sour Tamarind Soup / Sayur Asam

Munik Oxtail Soups / Sop Buntut

Munik Jakarta Variety Meats Soup / Soto Betawi

Munik Beef & Noodle Soup / Soto Mie

Munik Diced Beef in Black Sauce Soup / Rawon

Munik Chicken Soto Soup / Soto Ayam

Munik Meatball Soup / Bumbu Kuah Baso