Having started life as a pioneer in the Indonesian retail scene, KOBE has remained an innovator and first mover at heart. Retaining a clear focus on the Indonesian retail market, we aim to maximise consumer value through high quality food products.

Within KOBE, innovation and agility are valued and encouraged. Dedicated teams who adhere to the company’s values enable KOBE to thrive and deliver satisfaction to consumers.

Product overview

Tepung Bumbu

Kobe Bakwan Kress

Kobe Pisang Crispy

Kobe Tepung Bumbu Putih

Kobe Super Crispy Kentucky

Kobe Tepung Bumbu Serbaguna Special

Kobe Tempe Kriuk

Chilli Powder

Bonchili Lvl 2 Seaweed

Bonchili lvl 3 Shrimp

Bonchili lvl 10 Original

Bonchili Lvl 15 Original

Bonchili Lvl 30 Original

Bonchili Lvl 50 Max End

Bonchili Rujak


Boncabe Makaroni Lvl 10

Boncabe Makaroni Lvl 15