The Garuda brand is a Garudafood product brand for shelled peanuts, coated peanuts, pilus and snacks made from potatoes and corn. Garuda shelled peanuts, made from selected peanuts that are crispy, crunchy, and densely packed with unsaturated fatty acids, can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. The latest innovations in this segment are onion-flavoured shelled peanuts Coated peanuts product variants, such as coated peanut, egg coated peanut, and baked coated peanuts (Garuda Rosta) with various flavours. In 2020, Garuda also expanded its business scope beyond peanut products, such as Garuda Pilus, tapioca pearls that are small and crunchy. These are a tasty food because they are salty, peppery and sweet.

Product overview

Garuda Rosta Garlic

Garuda Rosta Spicy

Garuda Rosta Corn