Dua Kelinci initially started as a peanut manufacturer in Indonesia which is from Pati, Central Java. By the time it goes, PT. Dua Kelinci has grown and become more innovative. The new products have been developed including various flavoured peanuts, layered peanuts, snacks and biscuits products. All of Dua Kelinci Products are produced with the highest standard. The production is supervised and monitored by the Quality Control and Quality Assurance teams, which implement the strictest standard in every phase, from procurement of raw material to the distribution of the finished goods.

Product overview

Tic Tac Original Flavour

Tic Tac Spicy Flavour

Tic Tac BBQ Flavour

Tic Tac Chicken Flavour

Tic Tac Seaweed Flavour

Tic Tac Mix Flavour

Tic Tac Fried Noodle Flavour