Currently, Dua Belibis has four main product variants, those are chilli sauce, tomato sauce, vinegar and shrimp chili sauce. Dua Belibis is known for its aroma and natural spicy taste. This is because half of their composition is original chilli (47%), mixed up with selected garlic which adds the aroma and taste.

Dua Belibis Continues maintaining the quality by being consistent with their recipe and produce their sauce from selected best quality ingredients. Beside that, Dua Belibis also has tomato sauce with the sweet and sour taste and vinegar as a complementary food. To continue improving their quality and service to their loyal Dua Belibis’ costumer, they release new varient which is shrimp chili sauce that made from selected chilli and shrimp paste to create delicious savory spicy taste.

Product overview

Dua Belibis Chili Sauce 540ml

Dua Belibis Chili Sauce 340ml

Dua Belibis Vinegar 650ml