Bamboe spices was founded in 1968 in Surabaya in the humble kitchen of its owner. It was first created to help housewives provide an easy meal to their family. Indonesia has currently 34 provinces and thousands of islands. There are diverse selections of foods and each dish has many different kind of spices mixed together. Over the years, we continue to grow and become PT Bamboe Indonesia. We had built a strong brand image and develop trust in our customers and has become the market leader in spices paste. We take pride in bringing the high quality spices and spices mix with good safety manufacturing standards to our customers. With our mission of bringing authentic Indonesian flavor around the world, we strive to provide you the best of Indonesian food in the comfort of your home.

Product overview

East Java Meat Soup

Sweet & Sour Vegetable Soup

Indonesian Braised Beef / Chicken

Chicken / Beef / Oxtail Soup

Indonesian Yellow Chicken Soup

Betawi Soto Soup

Beef Soto Soup

East Java Tofu Meat Soup