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Indonesia's leading producer of aseptic dairy products, beverages and healthy drink products with UHT (Ultra High Temperature) Technology and aseptic packaging. We only produce natural high quality products in the most modern production technology and facilities in Asia under the most hygienic conditions for the goodness for Indonesian Family.


Teh Kotak Jasmine Tea, is an easy ready-to-drink way of enjoying tea anytime, anywhere. It's made from selected high quality tea leaves, which picked from highland tea plantations, and combined with Jasmine Flowers.

Teh Kotak Less Sugar now comes in as a new variant of Teh Kotak. It offers genuine taste of Jasmine Tea with less sugar that naturally refreshing and fit into your needs to lead your active and modern lifestyle.


Fresh tea leaves, Sucrose, Water.


Teh Kotak Flavored is made from high quality tea leaves from highland tea plantations and is combined with fruit concentrates. Recently, you can enjoy Teh Kotak Flavored in 2 delicious flavors. It will give you more fruit sensation in its freshness.

Teh Kotak Flavored is ideal for daily consumption at cold or room temperature. The product is recommended for 2 years chilldren and above, teenagers especially, also adults.

It made from high quality tea leaves with some minerals and vitamin C for the body needs. Especially after workout or do some exercise. It's also available in 2 fruit flavored and come in package of 250 ml. The Flavored are Apple and Blackcurrant.


It contains : Water, Tea Leaves, Sugar, Acidity Regulator Citric Acid, Vitamin C, Apple Flavor, Apple Juice Concentrate.


Ultra Milk Flavor is ideal for daily drinking consumption. It will replenish your bodily needs after any activity and is therefore ideally used after workout to help rehydrate and rebuild your body. The product is recommended for consumers aged 1 year and above.

Ultra Milk Flavor is the great natural milk, combined with natural flavor give the best taste and essentials nutrition for all family members, especially for teens.


Chocolate : Fresh Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Stabilizer, Chocolate Flavor

Strawberry : Fresh Milk, Sugar, Stabilizer, Strawberry, Flavor, Carmine Color (Cl 75470)

Mocca : Fresh Milk, Sugar, Stabilizer coffee Powder, Mocca Flavor, Caramel Color