Material Layer

  Blue triangle 300gr flour (sifted beforehand)

  Egg 2 Item

  Water 150 ml

  Butter 30 ml

Material cream sauce (bechamel)

  Blue Triangle flour 200gr

  Milk (Fresh Milk) 500ml

  Butter 100gr

  Salt 15 gr

  Lada 10 gr

  Mozzarela 250 gr cheese (grated)

  Keju Chedar 250 GR (diparut)

Beef rendang Ingredients

  Minced meat 500 gr

  Bumbu Rendang Munik 58 gr

  500 ml coconut milk


Step 1. Treat Beef rendang
Heat the coconut milk, seasoning enter MUNIK rendang, stir gently to the boil
After boiling, a solution of coconut milk cooked with low heat until slightly thickened
Enter the minced meat, stir gently until well blended meat, cook over medium heat until the sauce dries.
Remove the bacon cool.
Step 2. Processing bechamel (white sauce)
Melt the butter over medium heat, put the flour, stirring gently so as flour and mixed Butter and flour cook and dry
Fill liquid milk, stir gently until well blended and thickened
Raise the white sauce, strain into a bowl, save.
Step 3. Process Layer Lasagna
Mix the flour, melted butter, eggs, water
Mix gently until dough bread
Massaged dough until smooth
Gilas dough until thin
Shape up like layers of lasagne
Step 4. Treat Lasagna
Jerky pan / cup with butter, then enter the first layer of lasagna
Enter chop meat
enter the White sauce
Cheddar cheese and cheese enter mozzarela
Then enter the second layer lasagna, and continue as levels on the first layer.
Bake until browned surface lasagna.



Skin Pie

  250 g flour

  125 gr butter

  1 beaten egg

  5 grams of salt

  1 tbsp cold water

Food processor with the butter and flour input until well blended and then enter the egg, let it flat and cold water.


  1 pack Bumbu Rendang Munik

  250 gr typical meat cut into chunks

  3 boiled eggs

  turmeric leaf

  150 ml coconut milk

  1 piece of mushroom, cut into 4 pieces


Step 1
Pour the oil and stir-fry seasoning MUNIK, enter dibumbu hot saute, cook over low heat until soft and tender. 5-7 minutes before the flame is turned off enter mushroom and input in an inflammatory and stir until cooked.
Suwir - shredded or cut into the meat and set aside.
Prepare the pie mold then ground to thin and enter the pie mold with a thinness of 2 mm, the bottom prick with a fork so as not to inflate upwards.
Step 2
Masang half cooked to 200 ° C 10-15 minutes
Lift and enter rendang and insert eggs that have been divided by two.
Cover it with a thin pie, apply denngan egg and milk mixture, bake for 15-20 minutes sapai browned.



  200 gm - Mak Nyonya Instant Fish Curry Sauc

  15 pcs - Big Prawn

  1 nos - Tomato

  1 nos - Big onion (sliced)

  2 pcs - Red chili (cut into half)

  2 pcs - Green chili (cut into half)

  100 ml - Coconut milk

  50 ml - Water

  3 tbsp - Lime juice

  1 tbsp - Sugar


Step 1
Trim prawn and remove innards. Deep fry in hot oil.
Heat oil in clay pot, sauté onion and Instant Fish Curry Sauce until fragrant.
Step 2
Add in prawn, tomato, green & red chili, water and coconut milk. Bring to boil.
Add sugar to taste and serve with lime juice.



  200 gm - Mak Nyonya Instant Marinade Paste for Chicken

  15 pcs - Chicken wings (upper part)

  2 tbsp - Corn flour

  2 nos - Egg (beaten)


Step 1
Marinade chicken wings with Instant Marinade Paste for Fried Chicken and refrigerate overnight.
Remove from marinade and pat dry with paper towel.
Step 2
Dust the chicken wings in corn flour and dip into egg mixture.
Drain off the excess batter and deep fry on medium heat until golden brown.



  Tongue Meat 300 gr

  Lung Meat 300 gr

  Tail 1 pcs

Ground Spices

  Uleg Sambal Onion Finna 2 tbsp

  Onion 4 cloves

  Garlic 3 cloves

  Galangal 4 segments

  Ginger 4 segments

  Turmeric 3 segment

  1 pound pepper pepper

  Coriander powder 1 tsp

  Cumin powder 1 tsp

  Nutmeg powder 1 tsp


  Turmeric leaves 1

  Citrus leaves 4

  Tamarind acid 5

  Sere 2 keprek

  Salt, Sugar, * +/- 3 tsp

  Cow powder broth 1 block away

  Water 4 cups


  60 g rice flour

  Sago flour 1 tbsp


How To Make
Cut the meat (size according to taste)
Blender / subeg seasoning smooth, until really fine.
Blender / subeg seasoning smooth, until really fine.
Stir-fry the meat with fine spices and also additional spices.
After mixed well and meat look cooked, mix water.
Balance flavor with salt, sugar, powdered broth.
Boil the meat with a spice fine plus extra spice (40 minutes) until tender.
Drain the meat.
Brush the meat with cooking oil, then bake back and forth, set aside.
Take a little leftover stew sauce, then mix with rice flour adukrata, input back into The remaining pot of the stew.
Cook the higga thickened with low heat Pour over satay.
Fried onions.