1 pack of Pondan Vanilla Caramel Flan Pudding

  600 mL of boiling water

  100 gr sugar

  Chocolate Caramel

  Pondan Whip Cream





  Mint leaves


Pour 100 gr sugar and 1 tablespoon of water into the cooking pan.
Cook on the stove over low heat of 180˚C (shake the pan for once do not stirred) until the color of sugar turns into clear dark brown.
Immediately pour into prepared molds, let it settle until harden and cool. Set aside first.
Measure exactly 600 ml of boiling water and pour into a large bowl. Pour instant pudding powder little by little into the boiling water while stirring for about 4 minutes until be spread evenly and no wisp.
Pour into a mold that has been filled with cooled caramel. Let it settle until the pudding gets harden.
Flip the mold, remove the pudding then decorate it with whip cream, cherry, fruits, chocolate caramel and mint leaves.