1 pack of 400 gr Pondan Brownies Kukus

  5 eggs

  100 gr chocolate block

  100 gr margarine

  50 gr butter

  Chopped spread

  Pondan Whip cream

  Grated cheese



  Green tea stick

  Mint leaves


Mix chocolate block, margarine and butter in a bowl and then melt it over boiling water on the stove.
Pour Pondan flour Brownies at high speed for ± 4 minutes until the batter thickens.
Pour the melted chocolate that has been cooled chocolate into a batter and stir evenly with soletan.
First, pour the 1/3 batter into square baking pan size 20 x 20 x 7cm which has spread with margarine and lined with baking paper, steam over high heat for ± 10 minutes.
Second, pour 2/3 of the remaining batter over the Brownies that have been cooked and steamed back for ± 15 minutes until cooked.
Cut Brownies into 2 parts. Rub with cheese spread above 1 part / pieces of brownies.
Stack with 1 part / the other pieces of brownies. Apply back cheese spread on the top of it.
Sprinkle with grated cheese and decorate with Pondan whip cream, cherry, chocolate, green tea stick and mint leaves.