Munik  Munik

PT.Sarimunik Mandiri is a premier food seasonings company in Indonesia, created with a mission to produce the tastiest cuisine within minutes. All products are marketed under the Munik brand name. Munik originates from two Indonesian words: "Mudah" and "Nikmat", which literally means "Easy" and "Delicious" respectively. Munik reflects our vision of creating food seasonings products that are convenient to prepare and delicious in taste.

The premium taste is achieved through our thorough commitment in choosing the ingredients going into the seasonings. Our purchasing team go the distant in selecting our ingredients and never compromises. We essentially handpicked only the best grade and freshest ingredients. We also continuously perfect our packaging to ensure that natural freshness is maintained. Munik products are certified and approved by the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

Munik currently has 40 different varieties of instant seasonings in retail pack which available through various retail outlets in Indonesia and Overseas. We are constantly reaching additional varieties to suit different markets and needs. Therefore, we also have the basic seasonings like Red Paste, Yellow Paste, White Paste, different assortment of Chilli sauces and other Spices in the bulk size for commercial customers like Hotel, Restaurant and Cater

Since 1994, Specializing & Pioneering Indonesia Food Seasoning.



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