Koepoe Koepoe  Mayora Belibis  belibis

"... because we believe every individual has his own unique feel."

FOver the past 7 decades, Koepoe Koepoe grew up with you, your mother, aunt, grandfather, and millions of others. We are present as loyal friends who always accompany you in every activity of your cooking. Our goal is to help you explore and express yourself through feeling, because we believe each individual has its own unique feel. Our goal is to be a brand that can help anyone who wants to express themselves through cooking. By adding practical value and packaged in a modern way, Koepoe Koepoe will make cooking more practical, so whoever you are, you can easily express yourself through your taste.

Various spices of Indonesia's wealth we pack in the form of dry powder to be practical to use, without leaving the essence of taste, aroma, and the original color of the herb. Not only spices, Koepoe Koepoe also provides a variety of other products, there are baking mix, pasta, food coloring, flavoring and food quality enhancers, sweeteners and even grains. Koepoe Koepoe will continue to transform with innovation, product development and quality improvement in order to always help you in inspiring creativity in cooking.